29 dead, in southern Brazil: “worst disaster” due to rain and mudslides.

Deadly floods in Brazil triggered by 20 days of heavy rain, left atleast 29 dead, more than 20 missing, and forced thousands to leave homes.

Authorities of Rio Grande do Sul have declared a state of emergency as rescuers continue to look for dozens of persons reported missing among the wreckage of collapsed homes, bridges, and roadways.

The government have cautioned that it might turn into a ‘historic disaster’.

On May 2, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva travelled to the southern region of the nation, where 29 people had died in floods and mudslides brought on by heavy rains, with more deaths predicted.

Storm damage has affected nearly 150 municipalities in the state, also injuring 36 people and displacing more than 10,000.

According to the administration, Lula, who has attributed the flood to climate change, came in Santa Maria early in the morning with a group of ministers and met with Leite and other officials to plan rescue operations.

The president promised “there will be no lack of human or material resources” to “minimise the suffering this extreme event… is causing in the state”.

Central authorities has already made available 12 aircraft, 45 vehicles and 12 boats as well as 626 soldiers to help clear roads, distribute food, water and mattresses, and set up shelters, a press statement said.

As the rains continued, forecasts warned the state’s main Guaiba River, which has already overflowed its banks in some areas, would reach an extraordinary level of three meters (9.8 feet), the next day.

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