‘Congratulations India ‘: Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday changed his display picture on Twitter as India achieved a major milestone of administering 100-crore Covid-19 vaccinations. The Prime Minister  new profile picture features a vial of the vaccine, with the message “congratulations India 100 crore Covid-19 vaccine doses administered”.

PM Modi had last changed his profile picture on Twitter in April 2020 after he addressed the nation and announced the extension of the lockdown. The previous profile showed the PM covering his face with a traditional Manipuri stole.
In cumulative numbers too, India ranks second to China in fully vaccinating over 28 crore of its population, at least 10 crore more than the US and equal to the fully immunised population of Japan, Germany Russia, France and the UK put together.

Almost 75% of the eligible population has taken at least the first dose, with eight states and UTs achieving 100% coverage of the first dose. Of the recipients, 48.1% are women and 51.9% men.
Four more states and UTs have over 90% coverage of the first dose, according to government data. Commemorating the achievement, banners were put up at some central government hospitals and refreshments were distributed among the hospital staff and beneficiaries who had come for vaccination.

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