“Congress Will Snatch Your Wealth and Distribute Among Those with More Children”: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Big Statement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacks Congress party with his big statement, accusing the Congress party of taking away the wealth and distributing them among those having more children. This statement was given by Narendra Modi during a pole rally in Rajasthan.

The Prime Minister alleged, “Congress manifesto says that it will calculate the gold owned by our mothers and sisters, collect information and then distribute to those…whom former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that Muslims have the first right on country’s wealth. They will check how much gold our sisters own, how much silver tribal families have, and how much money government employees have there” .

Among many of the statements given by Prime Minister Modi, he also imposed a question, ” Does the government have the right to take your hard-earned property? The gold is not just for showing, it is a woman’s self-esteem. The value of ‘Mangalsutra’ is not just limited to the price of gold, but it is connected with their dreams. You (Congress) are talking about taking it away?”

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