Cyclone Remal: Newly minted cyclone in the month of Amphan?

A strong Cyclone may hit West Bengal and Bangladesh in the last week of May.

It is expected to have an impact on Coastal areas of West Bengal.

An ideal condition for a cyclone has been created in the Bay of Bengal.

By May 20, the deep depression is expected to intensify into a cyclone.

However it’s trajectory and course is unknown.

The cyclone might be destructive as Amphan, which was initially predicted.

Although, how strong it will be or whether it will take the form of a super cyclone will be understood by the weather conditions later, said the meteorologists.

If a cyclone forms in the Bay of Bengal, its name will be ‘Remal’.

The preliminary weather forecast indicates that on May 20, a cyclone could potentially develop in the South Bay of Bengal. It will increase its power coming towards the north. On May 24, it might take the form of a cyclone. The cyclone might proceed near Bangladesh or West Bengal after May 25, in the evening.

On May 2020, Bengal witnessed the rampage of super- cyclone Amphan, which created havoc in almost the entire South Bengal.

Typically, cyclones emerge between April and December, with a spike in May and a peak after the monsoon season in November. These months are notorious for fostering hazardous weather conditions conducive to cyclone formation.

Besides, coastal Bengal has witnessed several powerful cyclones which impacted several lives.

Meteorologists are observing the concerning signal once more.

However, the forecast suggests that the looming cyclone is unlikely to be particularly powerful. The maximum wind speed at the center of the storm can reach upto 100 km/h. Therefore, there’s a chance that coastal areas will sustain some damage. Owing to this cyclone, rain is predicted to begin on May 24 and last until May 26.

Meteorologists claimed that it is not possible to forecast with precision the route and intensity of a cyclone prior to its formation.