G20 presidency: A major feat for India

One of the largest democracies in the world has been given the responsibility of conducting the famous and extravagant G20 presidency this year. Delegates from various countries have already stepped into the nation to be a part of a wide range of events and incidents taking place here. The event has been primarily destined at the famous Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. This eventually can be depicted in pictures where the vicinity around the destination has been beautifully decorated with flowers and plants. The hues themselves emit a rush of positivity, and optimism and are a sight to behold by all individuals.

           Image Courtesy: indiafoundation.in

Preparations so far

As a global event centering around a nation consisting of 1.4 billion population, representing India’s ideology, culture, diversity, art and folklore is much more significant.   With an amalgamation of so many countries coming together, their hospitality and proper management have been significantly taken care of. The key areas or aspects of discussion and interactions include climate change, health, and pandemic-related crisis. It is interesting to note here that this initiated responsibility has employed a lot of people and volunteers to escort the delegates from various nations accordingly. Event managers and planners have decked themselves up to meet the ends grabbing eyeballs at all major events.

Health and wellness events

As far as the health and mindful sectors are concerned yoga sessions have been held along with the attendance and participation of more than 180 delegates. The philosophies of Atithi Devo Bhava and Vasudeva Kutumbakam have been made functional, representing the Indian cultural heritage and diversity. The underlying crisis in several nations has also been addressed and is based on the motto of one earth one nation and one family. Keeping in mind the provisions of Digital India and Make in India, several health events are also lined up on the same.

                   Image Courtesy: theprint.in

The G20 presidency is one of India’s most extravagant events that shows many economic, environmental, and geopolitical ventures concerning its relationship with delegate countries. All eyes in this nation ensure that India pulls the presidency of G20, which has been awarded much diligence and responsibility. Through much-needed efforts, it strives to establish relationships with other countries and work holistically together toward a better world.