Harsh Goenka on India-Maldives row, says” This is the way the new India works”.

Harsh Goenka in a social media post on X (formerly Twitter) said,

Maldives Deputy Minister triggered the Indian Maldives row along with cabinet members and government officials this happened when pm Narendra Modi visited the Lakshadweep ,ministers from the Maldives has been this disrespecting and making fun of PM Narendra Modi after which those ministers were suspended by the Maldivian t government to maintain ties with India.

A social media post has been seen which has been deleted ,the Maldivian deputy minister of youth empowerment Mariyam Shiuna made a mocking and disrespectful remark about PM Modi the maldivian government authorities suspended the deputy ministers in the youth ministry Malshan Shareef , Mariyam shiuna and Abdulla Mahzoom Majid. The Maldivian government said Mariyam Shuina’s opinion does not reflect the government’s views. The Maldives Association of Tourist Industry Mati, strongly condemned the derogatory remarks and stood in support of India.

The official statements of the Maldives Association of tourist industry Maty strongly condense the derogatory comment made by some deputy ministers on social media platform directed toward the prime minister of India, His excellency Narendra Modi as well as the people of India.Blue Star air travel services director Madhav Oza said, “if you look at the overall picture then India is connections have improved over the last few years “. Madhav Oza added there are 8 direct flights from all over India to Maldives almost 1200- to 1300 passengers fly to Maldives each day….. There is a possibility of 20 to 30% cancellations now”, reported ANI.