How the Chinese state is not doing much good by latent figures

The latest satellite images in certain provinces of Chinese cities like Kunming and Nanjing have provided adequate shreds of evidence of gathering outside funeral homes. Images from December 2022 show a collection of people gathered together to mourn for their loved ones. The figure found no decrease as days passed. Yet, in a desperate attempt to not publish exact covid related data by the Chinese state, it is taking a serious toll on human lives and minds. China expects the world to remain satiated with these latent figures whereas nearly 70% of the populace has been affected by the Wuhan virus.

The increment of people getting affected gradually shifts from urban to rural areas. Health facilities have been deciphered to be inadequate as people are compelled to queue up outside clinics. Well, it is crystal clear that China is unable to put up a fight against this existential crisis-like situation. It is more concerned with border issues involving neighboring countries in retaliation for the usage of issuing visas to Southeast Asians. For a superpower like China, keeping health issues at bay and ignoring the apparent figures from the media is not commendable and expected. It ought to have a thought on doing good for the betterment of not only its image as a developed nation but also of efficient management in a pandemic-hit health crisis.