Inheritance Tax and Blame Game Between BJP and Congress

Jairam Ramesh Congress leader shared four ” facts ” claiming PM Narendra Modi’s government wanted to re introduced ” estate duty ” which was further countered by BJP leader Amit Malviya with news reports from 2012.

Senior Congress leader claim that it was PM Narendra Modi’s government who wanted to bring back the inheritance tax in the year of 2014 which was the abolished by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in year 1985.

The statement given by Jayaram Ramesh is “The Congress has no plans whosoever to introduce an inheritance tax . In fact, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi abolished Estate Duty in 1985. But it is the Modi Sarkar that has wanted to do so!”.

In reply the BJP leader Amit Malviya shared a report and cleaned ” It was Chidambaram, who as Finance Minister, in 2012, proposed the horrendous idea of imposing Inheritance Tax.”

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