Kolkata : India’s first non-AC metro coaches was launched after 37 years .

Kolkata metro offer farewell to India’s first non-AC metro coaches on Sunday 24 Oct 2021. 37 years after it was launched.

On Sunday, Kolkata Metro Railway formally offer farewell to non-AC rakes, some of which had been in service since the country’s first underground railway launched in 1984.

To commemorate the departure of the non-AC gather , the Kolkata Metro, which began operations before 37 years in 1984, held an exhibition called ‘Down the Memory Lane’ at Mahanayak Uttam Kumar station.

“As part of the farewell, General Manager Manoj Joshi sais , we have organised a photo exhibition that will depict the past, present and future of Metro Railway.

Manoj Joshi described it as an opportunity to relive the city’s experiences with the Metro Railway, which has become an integral part of people’s lives.

Mr Joshi added , “Several expansion works are underway, and in two to three years, new corridors will start functioning.
The last non-AC Metro rake was ceremonially sent off to Noapara carshed from Mahanayak Uttam Kumar station .

The Kolkata Metro Railway, which began service 37 years ago between Esplanade and Bhowanipore (at the current Netaji Bhavan station), covering a distance of 3.40 km, now covers 31.3 km.

Construction of the project is currently underway on the New Garia-Airport and Joka-BBD Bag routes, in addition to the East-West Metro, a portion of which is already operational.

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