Kolkata Metro became rich in December, income of 2.72 crores

Even in the Covid period, Kolkata Metro has made a big mark through a different source of income.

Even though the revenue from passenger fares has come down, but the cost has not come down, so efforts are being made on the part of Indian Railways to increase the revenue through alternate routes.

During the pandemic, passenger fare was the only source of income for the first metro rail.

So there was a plan to increase income in other areas. As a result, Kolkata Metro set a precedent in December 2021.

Excluding passenger fares, her revenue in other sectors was Rs 2.72 crore and she stood third in All India Railways. Kolkata Metro is included in this income after Central and Western Railway.

Revenue is being augmented through co-branding of 11 new metro stations, automatic smart card recharge machines, various gate branding, food, smart card branding. Not only this, different types of hoardings are also being put up in the vacant place.

From April to December 2021, Kolkata Metro earned Rs 10.01 crore through branding of only 33 metro stations, which ranks fourth in terms of revenue among other regions of All India Railways.

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