Miracle baby found in mass grave


Now Gaza is become a mass grave .. genocide is on going on Gaza. Thousand of dead body’s were found in Gaza . Some of the bodies were found with severer injuries including burns and without skin . And it’s seem that those people were Murdered by Israeli militant..

Israel continued bombing on Khan Yunis City. Now Khan Yunis is totally destroyed. Palestine’s ministry of defence get a mass grave on Khan Yunis. After seeing the bodies it’s seem that organ trafficking is on going there. It is expected the death toll may increase..

But Sometimes the sun returns in this dark destroyed city. At Rafa a baby girl is born. This baby girl is called Miracle baby . This baby is born from a dead mother’s. The Miracle baby’s mother name was Sabrin Al Safina . This woman is dead alone with her husband and and another daughter. After Safina’s dead this little baby was born by operation. The baby is well but there is no relative of her in this world .