NOAA Alerts for Geomagnetic Storm; Twin Solar Flares Headed Towards Earth

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has alerted of double solar storm to hit earth soon which could spark auroras too.

According to the Space Weather experts and NOAA the earth is expected to experience geomagnetic storms ranging from G1(minor) to G2 (moderate) levels on April 14-16. This is the aftermath due to remaining negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream effects.

With two minor Coronal mass ejections (CMS) expected to graze earth’s magnetic field, the potential for geomagnetic storms and radio blackouts has increased.

Additionally there’s is chance for R1-R2 (minor- moderate) radio blackouts over the period from April 14-16.
These solar phenomenon could affect satellite communications and navigation systems on earth, particularly on the night time.

Space Weather expert Dr. Tamitha Skov while talking to X said ” not just one but now two #solarstorms are headed for earth. NASA and NOAA predictions agree this second storm arrive mid-day April 14th UTC time”.
Dr. Skov further highlighted the potential for auroras to be visible down to mid- latitudes due to this “1,2 punch” of solar storms.

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