One more time Iran warned Israel

There is no sing of ending the Iran and Israel conflict. 20th of April Iran’s Foreign Minister has ensured that the previous drone strike was carried out by Israel, Iran warned Israel for one more time .

Recently Israel  attacked at Isfahan, a city of Iran. In the very beginning Iran does not give so much importance on it because Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said “it’s not even a military attack , just some drones which have been send .. our kids are playing with them.” But the moment when Iran ensured that the drones have been send by Israil they they get angry and said, “if Israil does not stop there so-called adventure then it will be gone wrong for them .”

Seeing the silence of Iran, may be the international communities has been successful in creating pressure on Iran. But Iran claimed, they will never remain silent if anything wrong is done by Israel to them. They were also trying to ensure that the attack was done by Israel.

After this incident, it is heard that on 20 th April, Israeli militants attacked another camp in Iran. .. According to the Ministry of Defence of Iran, a person died as a result of the attack. But, it is not a Clear assumption. This camp was used by Paramilitary forces of Harshad Al Shabi.. actually they fight against the Irani terrorist groups like IS .. basically now they are a part of Iran’s military .

Primarily it’s  also said that maybe America helped Israil for this attack ..

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