Post the Sri Lankan crisis another Asian nation under deep turmoil.

Pakistan has been creating headlines ever since it has been recognized with a severe crisis in food, money, and fuel. Within days, the Pakistan Defense minister said that it might run out of electricity. The nation has no money for imports or to buy oil. Forex reserves hover around very low figures of 5 billion dollars. People are struggling for survival. They are not in a position to afford basic amenities and going hungry owing to rampant inflation. Almost 34% of the population lives below the poverty line. Several reports of stampedes and violence have been evidenced from videos surfacing on social media platforms.

Prices of essential commodities have transcended all ceilings. Meetings in Geneva have been attended upon by several dignitaries to raise funds for the nation in these trying times. It is quite easy to expect the Pakistan Prime Minister reaching out for aids to the gulf countries. With the neighboring countries of India going through consecutive phases of economic and food crisis, the efficacy of the administration is quite questionable ascribing to the existing corruption and income inequality. With several reports of corruption in certain Indian states of late in several spheres been surfacing of late, will there be any similar lookout situation here too? Questions regarding the same are significant to be pondered about.