Reply of Congress : rejecting Ram Mandir “Pran Pratishtha”.

Amid the hatred and anger received from the citizens and other leaders by the Congress leaders on deciding not to visit Ayodhya ” Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha”, Congress national leader Malikarjun Kharge said the note was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or religious  beliefs. It was just a decision taken.


Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi, and other Congress leaders turned down their invitation, and said it is a BJP-RSS event.


The Congress president further stated that if anyone wants to visit the Ram Mandir, they are free to do so.


Another question was brought up by the Congress president ,” We want to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi: what steps has he taken to curb inflation and unemployment? We would also like him to list out the steps he has taken to secure our borders. These are issues that directly affect the country and its people”.


Ever since the Congress has turned down the invitation, it has been facing various negotiations.