Smriti Irani’s Challenge to Priyanka Gandhi

Smriti Irani challenges Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and why are not MP Rahul Gandhi to debate with BJP. Irani’s statement comes post the claim made by Priyanka Gandhi that Narendra Modi never spoken pressing issues concerning the country.

Smriti Irani said ” I challenge them (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rahul Gandhi) to pick any channel, anchor, place, time, and issue to debate with the BJP. Dono bhai-behen ek taraf aur BJP ka ek pravakta ek taraf, doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho jaayega (On one side, there will be the brother-sister duo and on the other side, there will be a spokesperson of the BJP; everything will be clear)…From our party, Sudhanshu Trivedi is enough. They will get an answer.”

In an interview with the PTI, Priyanka Gandhi was asked about the concerns reached by Narendra Modi that Congress will it distribute wealth, Priyanka Gandhi said, ” Challenge the prime minister to raise the issue of unemployment which is the worst it has been in 45 years. I challenge the prime minister to tell us which institutions the BJP has built, I challenge the prime minister to name one scheme that he has actually started himself and is not a scheme that was started by the Congress but he has renamed.”

She also adds by saying, ” I challenge the prime minister to tell us how he is going to reduce prices. I challenge the PM to tell us how he is going to reduce the difficulties farmers are facing and how he is going to help them.”

In several places Priyanka Gandhi warned people that BJP in tends to change the constitution and she gets impression of winds of changes blowing in the country.

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