Taliban’s major breakthrough in Women’s education

In a much decisive attempt by the Taliban in getting back to its form in the 1990s as directed by OIC, they would open arenas for female education.

With the onset of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, they have almost ruled out women from major public spheres of life, be it education, economic or political spheres. These regressive measures have been undoubtedly highly condemnable all around the world. They have even banned young girls from attending secondary schools. The aversions of the Taliban regarding women have even reached to the level of them barring entry to parks. Britain, France, the USA, and several other nations have urged the Taliban government to mend its ways. Several international SHGs or aids have curbed their decisions from working in Afghanistan unless women are allowed to work in the public spheres. Later, an Ulema team assured a dictate to other nations to not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and that the Islamic Emirate is working to resolve this issue in sooner time.

If this breakthrough is sure to work effectively, it would not only bring a positive outlook but would also encourage several world-level communities, organizations, and NGOs to find ways, to work and consequently contribute to increasing the productivity of the nation. Nevertheless, inclusion surely has a long way to go.