Tens of thousands are forced to evacuate due to massive flooding in China’s Guangdong region

China floods: four deaths in Guangdong raise questions about the country’s preparedness for severe weather.

Heavy downpours in the crowded Pearl River Delta have submerged a sizable portion of Guangdong province.

After record-breaking rainfall raised questions about the region’s defenses against larger deluges brought on by extreme weather events, a search was underway for ten more missing people.

According to Xinhua, on Monday, over 110,000 people had been evacuated from the province and 25,800 were in emergency shelters.

The government of Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong, said that April’s total rainfall of 60.9 cm was the greatest since records began to be kept in 1959.

Shenzhen’s weather observatory announced that the megacity and other areas of Guangdong were under the nation’s highest red rainfall warning. The weather agency reported that “heavy to very heavy downpours” were occurring in the designated locations and that “very high” flash flood risk was present.

Guangdong has been experiencing exceptionally high, persistent, and widespread rainfall since Thursday. Strong storms have also brought an earlier-than-normal start to the province’s yearly flooding season in May and June.

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