Weapons Cache Recovered in Narendrapur Ahead of Polling: Two Arrested

In a major crackdown ahead of the polling, weapons and explosives were recovered from the Narendrapur police station area, particularly from the 52 Palli of Garia. The recovery included one one-shotter, two 7mm pistols, 30 rounds of cartridges, and 5 kg of gunpowder. Additionally, 25 bundles of twine, typically used for bomb-making, were also seized.

Two individuals, including a third-year political science student from Ashutosh College, were arrested in connection with the discovery. The police raided the home of the student, where the weapons and other materials were found. One of the arrested individuals is already facing murder charges and has a charge sheet filed against him.

Authorities are investigating the source of the weapons and looking into potential links between the arrestees and arms smuggling operations. DSP Crime Baruipur Police District Faizal Bin Ahmed emphasized the importance of staying vigilant during the ongoing voting process, stating that the Baruipur District Police is on high alert and actively conducting searches.

The arrests and weapons recovery have sparked concerns about potential disruptions during the polling period, prompting law enforcement to remain on high alert.

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