The "Ban Story": How Banning the film grabbed more eyeballs

Ever since the Sudipto Sen directorial film got released on May 5, it has welcomed more curiosity and reasons for the people to actually watch the movie.

West Bengal was the first among many states in the country to ban this film. However, it can be pretty well expected that a mere ban on film cannot stop it from reaching out to people provided the various technological interventions and platforms available now.

Smartphones and gadgets have eased the possibilities of viewing despite the ban.  Undoubtedly, viewers have become more inquisitive about the film. As a result the string of controversies regarding the same does not seem to end.


According to Hindustan Times reports, the movie is all set to enter the 150 crore club, already minting 147 crore at the box office. 

Critics and general viewers alike  are assertive in viewing the film. According to cinema hall owners, "good film" according to them is one which would do great business. However, the entertainment angle is getting behind heavy words like propaganda.

Post the film was banned in West Bengal, the makers went up to the Supreme Court to challenge a plea regarding the same. It was done on the grounds of fear of disrupting communal harmony. However, no incidents of aversion were reported.