When Urmila Matondkar wore Jackie Shroff’s ganjee in Rangeela’s ‘Tanha Tanha’ | Hindi Movie News


Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar recently made a confession during her appearance on a comedy reality show. The actress who had starred alongside Jackie Shroff and Aamir Khan in ‘Rangeela’ shared that, while shooting for several sequences of Rangeela’s popular song – Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena, she had worn Shroff’s ganjee.

Recalling the film, the actress shared, “No one knows, but I had worn Jackie Shroff’s ganjee in Rangeela for the Tanha Tanha song and to be honest, it was fun. The sequence had to be unique and refreshing and we were told not to do things after thinking and researching.

She added, “We wanted to be natural and while we were being briefed about costumes, Jackie being Jackie told me to wear his ganjee. I was slightly apprehensive, but I went ahead with it and left everything in God’s hands. I obviously got a lot of appreciation and love, so it ended well for me.”

Urmila had also revealed earlier that she was fond of her co-star Aamir Khan’s performance and that she ended up writing him a ‘fan’ letter.

“Very few people know that when I was dubbing for Rangeela, I watched Aamir’s performance and I was stunned. I wrote him a letter in which I wrote, ‘You’ll get many letters after this performance and you’ll get awards as well. But this will be the first fan letter you’ll get”, shared Urmila revealing the anecdote at the reality show.

In the classic film, ‘Rangeela’, Urmila Matondkar played the female lead sharing screen space with Aamir Khan and Jackie Shroff. The film, which was also a major box office success, was A. R. Rahman’s debut Hindi film with an original score and soundtrack.


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