Will voters face threat due to extreme heat as India gears up for elections?

Lok sabha elections 2024: Electioneering by various political parties and the contestants wooed voters despite of scorching heat over the last few weeks, with the first of the seven phase elections for the 42 lok sabha seats in West Bengal to be starting from today onwards.

The Election Commission of India, concerned about averting tragedies, has directed election authorities in every state to inform the public about the perils of severe weather and provide measures to assist voters in enduring the intense heat.

As voting begins today, parties and authorities are being urged to enhance safety measures for voters, candidates, and polling station staff due to heat warnings issued by the national meteorological service for the six-week election period.

During India’s April-June hot weather season, various parts of the country could record 10 to 20 heatwave days compared to the normal four to eight, head of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Mrutyunjay Mohapatra said earlier this month.

However, electoral authorities have issued no specific heat guidance for campaign rallies.

“A billion people will come out to vote … It’s going to be very challenging for us,” Kiren Rijiju, India’s earth science minister, said this month.

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