America Passed a Bill for Funding Money, Controversy Started from There

At least America has passed a bill for funding war torn nations sucha as Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel. On 21st of April this bill has been passed from America’s lower house of Legislature -house of representatives. After the bill has been passed, controversy begin.

Johnson, Speaker of House and a leader of Republican Party said 9500 billion dollars will be sent to those war torn countries, 6100 billion dollar for Ukraine, Taiwan will get 800 billion and Israel will get 2600 billion. This bill has been passed from the lower house of the legislature of America now this will has spring sent to The Upper house of Senate if the bill receive recommendation from the house, the bill will be for the sent to the president Joe Biden for his approval.

Although some members of the Senate did not agree to the bill, it seems that the bill will be passed from here.

Some members of the Republican neither agree to the bill nor the funding. The democratic party received significant opposition.

The bill was opposed by 112 members of lower house , house of representative and 311 members agreed to the bill . By majority vote this bill has been passed .

American media reported that this amount of money will be shared among these three countries .. from Israel’s fund a big amount of money will be send in Gaza ..

In this matter Russia poked America .. they said if America start funding money to these countries then, the war will never end.

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