Israel targets Rafah, Egypt, in attempt to ceasefire .

Israel almost destroyed Gaza, seeing the situation of Gaza people compare Gaza to Hitler’s concentration camp. American students are carrying on a Movement in solidarity of Palestine . Midst of the situation is Israel attacks Rafah, a small city of Palestine. Only dead body can be site everywhere, women, kids are brutally killed by Israeli militants.

In the beginning of this mission Israel said that they will fully destroy Gaza but simultaneously they also said that they definitely will not kill the common people. Now it’s proved that the statement was wrong Israel has remorously killed people.

They destroyed hospitals, schools and houses the started bombing hospitals, before some days they attack on Khan Yunis and destroyed the city now the started attacking on Rafah, a small area of Gaza, some how 10 lakh people live there but now there is no food no house No hospital only the sound of crying is now constant. Kids sleep at night only with the hope to see the next morning.

People from whole world started condemning Israel they blamed America if the stop funding Israel then this can’t be continued , mean while again America passed a bill for funding money to Israel . Though it said America will send fund to Palestine along with Israel.

People from Rafa are running from there country and entering Egypt . And for this reason, Israel o trying to attempt ceasefire. Although there is no hope,” it depends on Hamas if they release all the war prisoners of Israel, then may be, the war could end”.