Lok Sabha Election 2024: a Total Number of 67.25% Voter Turnout in Phase 4 Polling

The trend in which dip in water turn out in the Lok Sabha elections is being continued.

The 96 parliamentary seats that went to the polling in Phase 4 in polling across 10 state and an union territory on 13th May recorded 67.25% turn out as per the latest estimation of the election commission.

As per the data recorded in the 2019 elections, the turn out in the seats for 68.8% there is a significant dip in the percentage by 1.55% as compared to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The state to record highest polling is West Bengal by 78.37% followed by Andhra Pradesh 76.5%, Madhya Pradesh at 70.98%, Jharkhand 65.2%, Uttar Pradesh 48.05% and Bihar at 57.06 percent as per the estimates on 13th May.

The first voting after removal of article 370 took place in Srinagar seat of Kashmir Valley the Srinagar seat recorded about 37.98% turn out.

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