MS Dhoni sets a record in IPL, Becoming the First Wicketkeeper In the World ! 

MS Dhoni topped a great personal milestone en route to a short innings of 28 runs against LSG at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow on Friday. He created such a record in the history of IPL, and there is no one else in the world. From that point of view, as the first and only cricketer, Dhoni made a permanent place in the all-time history of IPL.

In fact, Dhoni became the first wicketkeeper-batsman to complete 5000 runs in the history of the IPL. MS Dhoni’s total collection in IPL history is 5169 runs. He collected these runs by batting in 223 innings of 257 matches. However, out of 257 matches, Dhoni kept wicket in 250 innings. That is, he did not keep wicket in 7 matches. Dhoni reached the milestone of 5000 runs on Friday when he came out to bat in the match as a wicketkeeper.

Before Dhoni, no other wicketkeeper-batsman in the history of the IPL had crossed the milestone of 5000 runs. So far a total of 7 cricketers have topped the milestone of 5000 runs in IPL. No one is a wicketkeeper except Dhoni.

Most runs in IPL history:-

1. Virat Kohli- 7624 runs in 244 matches.

2. 2. Shikhar Dhawan – 6769 runs in 222 matches.

3. 3. David Warner – 6563 runs in 182 matches.

4. 4. Rohit Sharma- 6508 runs in 250 matches.

5. 5. Suresh Raina – 5528 runs in 205 matches.

6. 6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – 5169 runs in 257 matches.

7. 7. AB de Villiers – 5162 runs in 184 matches.