Over a dozen dead as Flood and landslides wreck havoc in Indonesia

Atleast 15 people died after heavy rains in Indonesia‘s South Sulawesi province triggered landslides and flooding.

Moreover, dozens of homes were swept away and roads damaged after the landslides, the country’s Disaster Management Agency said.

It is reportedly said that floodwaters rose up to 3 meters (10 feet) in some areas, affecting 13 sub-districts as water and mud inundated the region. The calamity left more than 1,000 homes in shambles, with 42 structures swept off their foundations.

Rubber boats and other vehicles were used by a specialized search and rescue squad, which was deployed in reaction to the disaster, to extract stranded residents. According to Abdul Muhari, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency, more than 100 people had been moved to mosques or relatives’ houses outside of the impacted areas on Saturday.

Efforts to address the aftermath of these calamities have been challenging, particularly due to the rugged terrain of the affected areas. Rescue operations are underway, with officials navigating through debris and rubble in search of survivors amidst the destruction caused by the landslides.

Indonesia has suffered a string of recent extreme weather events in its rainy season, which experts say are made more likely by climate change.

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