Sana’a University Opens Its Doors to Pro-Palestinian Students from America

In recent weeks, numerous students in the United States have been arrested for their pro-Palestinian activism. Despite this, they continue to raise their voices, chanting slogans against the violence and carnage. They believe that the situation is not a war or conflict but a clear case of genocide.

In solidarity with the students, professors have spoken out against police brutality and university authorities’ crackdown on pro-Palestinian activities. Senator Bernie Sanders has also expressed support, warning that Israel’s actions could lead to a crisis akin to the Vietnam War, which led to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s withdrawal from the 1968 election.

The Houthi rebel group, which has long supported the Palestinian cause, has now also come out in support of the American students. They have welcomed the 2,000 students arrested for their activism to continue their studies at Sana’a University. The Houthis have reiterated their unwavering support for Palestine and willingness to take a stand against oppression.

As the situation unfolds, President Biden faces mounting pressure, with many drawing parallels to the Vietnam War era. The upcoming elections may see a significant shift in political landscape.”

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