Clash Over Roof Water Dispute Leaves 7 Injured, Including Children, in Murshidabad

In the Hosnabad area of Tagana, Bhagwangola, Murshidabad, a clash between two neighbors resulted in seven people being shot. The confrontation, which occurred on Wednesday morning, reportedly started over a dispute concerning water from a rooftop. The argument escalated quickly, leading to gunfire.

The seven individuals injured in the shooting, including three children, were taken to Nasipur and Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital for treatment. The incident caused a stir in the community, prompting the police to begin investigating.

This conflict followed the recent Lok Sabha elections and assembly by-elections held in the area just the day before. Reports of scattered disturbances had been emerging from different parts of the district since the polls. The Election Commission has been closely monitoring the region to maintain order and prevent unrest. Despite these efforts, the shooting incident has added to the area’s tense atmosphere.

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