Total Solar Eclipse: Rare Celestial Occurrence to Shadow North America Today

First eclipse of 2024 will only be visible in parts of the north US.

When, where will it be visible?

According to NASA, the April 8 eclipse will begin over the South Pacific, with its path reaching Mexico’s Pacific coast at around 11:07 a.m.(PST) Pacific Time before entering the United States in Texas.
Though the eclipse won’t be visible in India, astronomy enthusiasts can follow it on NASA’s official live broadcast.

The biggest tourism event of North America as millions of visitors move there to witness total solar eclipse.
Properties in half of US cities along the path of eclipse are fully booked.
Eclipse chaser expert says tourism to generate 1 billion dollars in revenue.

What is solar eclipse?
A solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon where the moon passes between the sun and earth, entirely or partially covering the sun’s light along the small path our planet’s surface. The daytime sky turns dark, akin to dusk or dawn.

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